. analog film wedding photography .

. analog photography is like listening to a violin playing .

I love analog film. The feeling, the honesty is unmatched with digital photography. You can tweak digital files on the computer as much as you want - it will never be the same. Analog film is the true thing. It is light interacting - playing - with the silver of film. A fleeting moment in time, forever etched into metal.


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. film wedding photography .

. why analog film photography in the digital era? .


You might wonder what analog film is all about. Why this hype? What is analog film wedding photography? We actually fell in love all over again with this medium and we´ll try to explain why film still matters, especially today.

Today, we as photographers have the most sophisticated digital technic right at our hands. Fast autofocus, incredible high sensitivity (ISO) and image-stabilisation is nothing special anymore. These cameras are so good that making a sharp and well lit image is no art anymore. Of course, there is much more to a good image then being just that. However, we feel even if executed with art in mind, these digital images miss something very, very important. Let´s call ist "mojo" or even "soul".

So, we ventured out into this nearly mysterious adventure, we started to shoot film again.

. what is so special about analog film photographs? .


Why do these analog images feel so different? With digital images, there are so many possibilities, so many presets, don´t they look the same? Sorry to say, but no. They might look similar, they even might come close. But when you take an analog print you immediately "feel" the difference. Nothing about the sterile look and this overly perfection that you get with digital electronic files.
Analog images are not perfect. You see the organic grain, the uneven borders, the areas where the light flows through. You might see some blemishes, some marks in the film. All this make analog photographs organic. You see and feel that this is something made by humans, not a computer.

This is, why analog photographs have soul.

. how do we work with film? .


We work with old vintage cameras. I use two small, unobstrusive Leicas from the 1960´s, no battery, all manual. We also shoot with old medium format cameras and sometimes we bring our dinosaur, a large format camera that is about 100 years old. We don´t do that because of nostalgic reasons, but because we discovered that these cameras, this way of working, is perfect for the medium film and our way of seeing.

The black&white and color films are developed in our own lab by hands. Special technics are used to ensure that the different films can develop their very own beauty. The finished negatives get scanned one by one for maximum quality. This step is necessary so that you can get your analog images as digital files as well. This does not alter the analog mood and look at all.

Finally, we create prints, coffee-table books and albums. Because, you might have guessed it, analog images need to be printed. First on fine high quality paper they can develop their magic.

Our philosophy is, that we work in pure photojournalistic style. We do no stage. This is, why our work was called photojournalistic-art. However, we also create beautiful portraits of you as well.

. what do you get? .


When we work analog you get the best of two worlds. One of us is shooting film, the other one works digital that day. So we can ensure that there are no risks involved when we work the way it was done decades ago. You get the story of your day told through two pairs of eyes, two visions of two photographers who saw and felt your day with their own eyes and heart.



You get all images, both digital and analog as digital files to be enjoyed on your computer and shared easily with your family and friends. You also get a coffee-table book where your whole day is told with analog images. You need to experience these books with your own senses to know why we are such fans of analog photography.

Furthermore, you have the choice to choose from a wide range of museum grade print-options and beautiful handcrafted albums.


We can´t wait to show you your coffee-table book with the story of your wedding and some fine-art-prints. We so much enjoy our customer´s reaction when they experience it for the first time.